Motor Control Centre (MCC)

Motor Control Centre (MCC) is required for centralised control and supervision of motor drives. PES has designed numerous custom -build MCCs including PLC logic for automatic control of motor drives.

  Salient features :
  • Single front / Double front type
  • MCCB / MPCB/ SDFU for short circuit protection
  • Busbars with Copper or Aluminium
  • Suitable for extension of panel at site
  • Compact and economical
  • Dust and vermin proof enclosure
  • Powder coated
  • Both Manual / Automatic logic
  • Individual / common marshalling feeder
  • Busbars are completely insulated by heat shrinkable type PVC sleeves
  • Busbars are colour coded
  • Mechanically and Electrically superior FRP / DMC / SMC supports
  • Maximum safety features
  • Separate control bus and control transformer
  • LED indication for status of motor
  • Double earthing system
  • Enough space for cabling
  • Large number of panels are in service
  • Compartmental design
Power Control Centre (PCC)
   PES has designed and executed large number of Power Control Centres to various industries.
  Salient features :
  • Feeders with ACBs / MCCBs / SDFUs
  • Completely insulated busbars
  • Busbars with Copper / Aluminium
  • Fully compartmentalised design
  • Both single front and double front execution
  • Both Indoor and Outdoor application
  • Mechanically & Electrically superior FRP / DMC / SMC supports
  • Four pole / Three pole / manually operated / Electrically operated ACBs.
  • All live parts are shrouded
  • Double earthing system
  • Powder coated
  • Simple and logical arrangement of modules, equipment and connections
  • To suit your requirement
Changeover Panels
  The need for alternate supply through Generator set is essential for all industries in view of power shortage prevailing in the country. PES has designed fully automatic as well as manual changeover panels to receive power from Electricity Board as well as Gensets.
  Salient features :
  • Elegant cubicle design
  • Busbars will Copper or Aluminium
  • Busbars are completely insulated by heat shrinkable type PVC sleeve
  • Incomers with ACBs / MCCBs / SDFUs
  • Common outgoing changeover with ACBs / MCCBs / SDFUs of 4 pole design
  • Fully automatic / manual changeover
  • Fully compartmentalised design
  • Separate EB bus / DG bus
  • 100% flexibility of consuming EB / EG power
  • Large number of panels are in service from past 2 decades
  • Tailor made to suit your requirement
  • Powder coated
Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel
  • Full control of Power Factor using 6 stage / 8 stage / 12 stage microprocessor based control relay.
  • Heavy Duty contactors
  • MCCB / MCB / SDF Unit as short circuit protection
  • Large number of panels are in service.
Junction Box
  • Power Junction Box with Copper / Aluminium Busbars.
  • Control Junction Boxes with screw type / stud type terminals.
  • Sufficient space for connecting incoming and outgoing cables.
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor application.
Control Desk
  • Designed to control Motor Control Centre for sequential and interlock
  • operations. Ideal for controlling, supervising, monitoring and measuring
    each feeders from a common place.
  • Designed to suit as per site condition for taking supply from the Transformer or from Generator set.
  • Fully enclosed segregated and non-segregated.
  • Busbars with Aluminium flats or Copper flats.
  • Phase cross over chambers, 90 bends, Adopter chamber at Trafo ends, flexible joints of copper / aluminium
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor application.
Pushbutton Station
  • Designed to suit as per customers requirement.
  • Pushbuttons, LED indicating lamps, selector switch as required
  • Screw type / stud type terminals
  • Proper earthing terminals
  • Press to Stop , lockable type Emergency OFF pushbutton for safety.
Our Product Features:
Constructional Features:
  • The panel boards will be totally enclosed, non-draw out type, floor mounting, free standing type, wall mounting, structure mounting type
  • The panels are well laid out with proper compartmentalization and segregation for feeders, cable terminations, metering and protection, bus bars, cable alleys, etc
  • The panel boards be fabricated out of CRCA sheet steel.
  • The panel boards will have hinged doors and removable covers.
  • The panel boards will have ISMC-75 channel at the bottom as base frame
  • All hinged doors, removable covers will have Foam gasket to make the panel dust proof
  • Hinged doors will have suitable hinges and provided with door locks operated with common key
  • Adequate space will be provided within all panels to facilitate termination of incoming and outgoing cables. Detachable cover plates will be provided at the bottom of the panel.
  • Provision will be made for permanent earthing of the frame using Aluminium / Copper Flats.
  • The panel boards will undergo a prospecting treatment process of degreasing, degusting, prospecting and passivation in a seven tank process.
  • The panel boards will be powder coated with Siemens Grey colour or any other colour as per customers specification.
 Busbar and Connections:
  • The busbars are liberally rated and proper design factors for higher ambients, enclosure conditions, number of busbars, short time current capability etc., are all considered while arriving at the sizing.
  • The busbars will be Electrolytic Grade Aluminium / Copper flats as per customers specifications
  • In general PVC colour coded heat shrinkable sleeves provided for insulation. In some cases busbars are painted with matt black with phase identification to allow for higher heat dissipation.
  • The busbars be supported on FRP / SMC / DMC insulators.
  • Busbars be spaced with adequate clearances between phase and between phase & neutral
Busbar Shrouding:
  • Panels are designed to have adequate clearances between live parts ,between live parts and earth.
  • FRP barriers are provided to enhance safety. 
Power Terminals And Wiring:
  • Outgoing power terminations are by means of staggered busbars to prevent fouling of phase and neutral cores.
  • Power terminal blocks are used in the cable alleys wherever provided and wiring from the feeder units to the terminal blocks are carried out by single core flexible PVC copper cables.
  • Separate control terminal blocks located away from the power terminals for interlocking, cabling to local stations and drive motors.
  • The control cables required for metering and relaying will be of 1100V grade with stranded Copper conductor of size having 1.5/2.5 PVC insulated flexibles.
  • Identification ferruls be provided at both the ends of the cable.
  • All the panel boards will have a label fixed on the front showing the unit designation.
  • In addition the panel boards will have feeder identification label, caution and danger plates.
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